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Our Global Presentation With Clinton Smith And Suzanne Kasler

An upbeat, energized unveiling of the new fall wallcovering collection

Our Global Presentation With Clinton Smith And Suzanne Kasler

On Thursday, September 9th, Phillip Jeffries hosted a global webinar to present the new Fall 2021 Collection, Bibliothèque. With virtual attendees from around the globe, President Philip Bershad and Design Director, Tara Van Lunen, unveiled the latest collection in an upbeat, energized presentation.

In the opening statements, the Fall collection is introduced with an emphasis on seasonal and cultural movements that resonate with the audience and design world.

“One of the things that’s amazing about literature and design is that it can transport you to another time or place," says Philip Bershad, President of Phillip Jeffries. “This is one of the main elements we considered when we were designing the wallcoverings for our Fall 2021 collection, named Bibliothèque.”

Phillip-Jeffries-Fall-Launch-2021-Invite-975x533px-1The name is a nod to the fact that libraries around the world serve as a major influence and source of inspiration for the PJ Design Team.

“We wanted to explore the amazing places that house these  literary portals,” says Tara Van Lunen, Design Director at Phillip Jeffries. “The inspiration for the Fall Bibliothèque Collection comes from gorgeous libraries around the world and the stacks of books inside them."

To unveil the new collection, Philip and Tara were joined by two guests and hundreds of virtual attendees around the globe.

"From Singapore to Seattle, hello! We have Italy and Naples, Florida here," says Phillip. "This is incredible. I’m so excited to be with you and people from all over the world."

Two industry professionals joined to host the presentation and offer real-world design tips, learnings, and insider commentary on the new wallcovering collection.

Clinton Smith, Editor at Large at New England Home, Style Editor of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, and the former editor of Veranda, joined from New York's Upper East Side. 

"You know, I did the opposite of everyone else during Covid," he says. "When people fled the city and went to the suburbs, I left the suburbs and moved back to the Upper East Side. It’s nice being back in the mix of New York City. The city is really coming back to life. It’s really a nice feeling."

Interior designer Suzanne Kasler was introduced by Clint. "She’s an award-winning designer with projects around the world," he says. "Her work has been published in all the very best magazines including many that I’ve edited. She’s the author of three best-selling interior design books. And she has the most beautiful licensed collections with some of our favorite industry friends. Everything from lighting to fabric to rugs to mirrors to furniture to accessories— even bedding."

In gratitude, Philip adds, "I’m so pleased for you to be with us here today to celebrate today! I’ve spent time with you in Paris. I’ve spent time in Los Angeles, and High Point and New York. And all over the world. And I’m so pleased to add Zoom to the list!"Phillip-Jeffries-Fall-Launch-2021-Global-Presentation-2-975x533px-RecoveredTHE FUTURE OF WALLCOVERING
Wallcovering means different things to different people. These designers weigh in on what Phillip Jeffries means to them. 

"It’s so interesting because I talk about Phillip Jeffries all the time," says Suzanne. "It’s interesting how you have translated this brand into really describing wallcovering. Because even if I’m looking for any wallcovering, I say, 'We want to look for Phillip Jeffries.' And in a sense, I think that really says so much about how you’ve kind of changed and had an impact really on the design world."

"I remember knowing you from our wonderful design trips early on.," Suzanne continues, "And your passion, and really your story, which is really a whole other story of coming back into this industry and the family business. I just thought It was so amazing what you’ve done to translate such beautiful product. You’ve really reinvented how we’re using wallcovering. And you were doing it kind of before now. It seems like we’re all using wallcovering in every project."

Clint chimes in and says, "I echo everything that Suzanne said, it’s totally true, and also just the artistry, the craftsmanship, the quality. Also being on the cutting edge—the innovation Suzanne mentioned. I always thought, 'Phillip Jeffries knows what we want before we know it ourselves.' And so whether that’s something that’s an understated texture or something that’s bold and powerful which is a showstopper. The variety and the innovation that you put out is really amazing. The design industry is better for it."

"We can stop right here!" says Phillip. "My day is made."

Phillip Jeffries also gave away signed copies of Suzanne Kasler's book.


It's always a great day at Phillip Jeffries and we hope you enjoy the Fall Collection as much as we did when creating it. Many of the new wallcoverings are in stock and ready to ship. Discover the fine textures and designs and join us as we watch the story unfold.




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