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Take A Virtual Tour Of 2020's House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House

Escape to Franktown, Colorado

Take A Virtual Tour Of 2020's House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House

Let's take a tour of this year's House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House.

This year, the House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House seeks to reconnect us with nature. In its third installment, we are whisked away to Fox Hill, a custom home development in Franktown, Colorado.

In addition to stunning mountain views, this eco-friendly community offers residents farm-to-table living in a luxurious environment just outside of Denver. House Beautiful partnered with local builder Nicholas Custom Homes to create a 5,400-square-foot house that combines natural living with comfort and style. Once the house was complete, 10 top design teams were selected to offer a fresh approach to each room.

Phillip Jeffries was honored to work with 4 of these design teams: Lucinda Loya, Noz Design, and Me + General Design, Andrea Schumacher, and Tiffany Brooks. The results are stunning!

Wallcovering-Installation-7872-VinylZebrawood-355x533pxGreat Room and Foyer | Designed by: Lucinda Loya | Wallcoverings: Vinyl Zebrawood 7872 and Collage 5040

Designer Lucinda Loya drew her inspiration for this project from the natural landscape. Her central concept of topography informed her approach to the space, emphasizing the third dimension—depth. She initially envisioned the great room to be more formal, but ultimately decided on a more cozy, casual vibe that she achieved through the use of texture and warm tones. Her vision for the great room was a multifunctional space that could be used as a comfy lounge, an entertaining area, and a home office. A Phillip Jeffries wallcovering, Collage, was selected because she felt it “offered a lot of movement very similar to the landscape.” For the foyer, she selected Vinyl Zebrawood to compliment the geometric wood floors.





Tree House | Designed by: Andrea Schumacher | Wallcovering: Juicy Jute 4782

According to Denver-based designer Andrea Schumacher, dining rooms are often the least used room in a house. Which is why she wanted to create a space that people actually wanted to use. She looked for colors and materials that reflect the Colorado landscape. She was particularly drawn to evergreen colors and rich textures that seemed to invite the outside into the home. She selected a Phillip Jeffries wallcovering, Juicy Jute, for the ceiling because she felt it was a “fun grasscloth” that seemed “very Colorado.” No doubt this is one dining room that won’t be overlooked.





Wallcovering-Installation-6753-CapeTown-975x533pxPlayroom | Designed by: Me + General | Wallcovering: Cape Town 6753

Now that we’re working at home, we might as well be playing at home too. This quintessential adult playroom is the perfect place to escape with your pod. Brooklyn-based design duo Cristina Casañas-Judd and General Judd created a space where the party could go on for days. General was particularly excited about the bar, a place of function but also a place of comfort and connection. A Phillip Jeffries wallcovering, Cape Town, set the stage for this modern take on the Old West. According to Cristina, the wallcovering was going to be a “moment, an experience.” They certainly created a moment to remember.

The Hangout | Designed by: Noz Design | Wallcovering: Cape Town 6753

This vibrant, cozy space was designed to be a place for people to connect and converse. San Francisco-based designer Noz Nozawa was intent on encouraging board games over video games and ensuring everyone took a break from their phones. “I wanted to create spaces where people come together, look at one another, and engage in conversation.” Influences from across the globe are evident in her design choices: traditional Japanese seating, Ghanaian-inspired stools, and African furnishings. With so many conversation starters, it would be impossible not to engage.


 Custom_Blur_5021_Manila-Hemp_Tiffany-Brooks_Hearst-Corporation_06Boomer Suite | Designed by: Tiffany Brooks | Wallcovering: custom wallcovering using PJ Mash Up — Blur Charcoal on a Manila Hemp 5201 ground

Chicago designer Tiffany Brooks knew she had her work cut out for her when she set out to design the perfect space for visiting parents. Recognizing that everyone would be best served if these visitors had an area of their own, she created a private suite with its own kitchen, living room, bedroom, and patio. The trick was to ensure it was private enough for the parents and stylish enough to be connected to the rest of the house. Having achieved both goals there’s only one question that remains—will they ever leave?

About Phillip Jeffries:

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