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Phillip Jeffries In The Delish Test Kitchen Event Space

Interior Designer Betsy Wentz made sure the decor was just as delicious as the recipes.

Phillip Jeffries In The Delish Test Kitchen Event Space

The Delish Event Space & Bar features Phillip Jeffries Enchanted Woods wallcovering.

Food media brand, Delish, tests, develops, and films more than 100 recipes a month which includes every single recipe on the website as well as all of the ones in the quarterly magazine, cookbooks, and special edition issues. With that much cooking and eating happening, it was time for an upgrade!

With the assistance of talented interior designer Betsy Wentz, the Delish team embarked on a mission to achieve the utmost efficiency as they constructed a brand new test kitchen for recipe development, as well as studio kitchens for video production and photography. The space underwent a complete transformation, resulting in a stunning overhaul that perfectly aligned with their vision.

"Delish Kitchen Studios was designed to feel both fun and approachable, but also clever and nimble—we want to be able to create quality, multimedia content at the drop of a hat," Joanna Saltz, Editorial Director of Delish and House Beautiful, said in an article on Delish. "It’s Michelin-quality appliances wrapped in TikTok-level cheer.”


Phillip Jeffries was thrilled to work with interior designer Betsy Wentz on the Event Space & Bar. This area features a dining table and chairs large enough for meetings or full tastings. We recently caught up with Betsy to learn more about how her design process, choosing sustainable materials, and the final installation.   

PJ: Can you tell us more about event space's design aesthetic?
BETSY: The design of the event space is tied very closely with the Delish brand. They wanted a space that could serve as a highly functional kitchen for testing recipes and product, while at the same time providing a gathering space for meetings and events. The goal was to try to soften the commercial space and lend a more residential feel. The fun lollipop colored chairs, oversized light fixture and pin up cork wall all contribute to the home-like feel of the space.

PJ: Have you used cork wallcovering before and what drew you to PJ’s Cork wallcovering, Enchanted Woods?

BETSY: One of my favorite things to do is to hang cork and cover it in one of  Phillip Jeffries many textured papers! We’ve used everything from mica to faux wood over cork and the result is always fabulous. Because of the textured nature of the paper, the mini pin holes don’t typically show, making the wall extremely versatile for hanging just about anything, and just as easily, being able to take it down. 

PJ: What drew you to the white color way, Moon Glow, in the Enchanted Woods collection?

BETSY: We went back-and-forth between light and dark and ultimately, we thought the white was a great backdrop for all the pops of color on the chairs and the bookcases. Also, the tv is black, so the light color is a great contrast.

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PJ: How was the installation process? Did it look how you expected it to after seeing online/sample?

BETSY: The cork can definitely be tricky, so you need to have a qualified installer. In this case, we had an excellent wallpaper hanger! He was able to hide the seams and create a seamless look.

PJ: What is the end result in the completed Event Space?

BESTY: The room is inviting, and very cozy thanks to all of the different elements. I think it has a very relaxing vibe! 

Learn more about the kitchen design over on the House Beautiful website.

Photographer: @christianharder
Producer: @therobertrufino
Interior Designer: @betsywentz
Food Stylist: @admaran
Prop Stylist: @paigehicksnyc

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