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Introducing THE HANG® - What To Do Before You Start? Get the Facts!

What you need to know before you hang the first wallcovering panel.

Introducing THE HANG® - What To Do Before You Start? Get the Facts!

You’ve selected the most beautiful Phillip Jeffries wallcovering, but will it work with the room?

Welcome to the first installment of our new how-to video series, The Hang®. Here, Phillip Jeffries aims to make the installation process faster, easier, and more fun for both the designer and installer. Here you'll learn best practices and tips for making your next project picture-perfect!

Now, let's join Phillip Jeffries President, Philip Bershad, and master installer, Dennis Delpome, as they outline how to hang wallcovering in addition to the #1 thing to do BEFORE you hang wallcovering. This is exactly what both clients and installers need to know before hanging – or even ordering – that first panel!

Tip #1: Get The Facts
Watch the video to learn more about how Phillip Jeffries hangs wallcovering and our #1 Tip for a fabulous install:

How To Hang Wallcovering - What You Really Need To Know

Before anyone starts installing wallcovering, it's important to GET THE FACTS including measurements and material make up for both the wallcovering and the walls. This is important because fewer mistakes will lead to a more fun project with less stress!

To have a picture-perfect install, it's important to start with these facts:

Gather all the facts including the product bolt size, width, and length as well as any repeating pattern. This is crucial for installers to know during the planning process. Today, ceilings are much higher than they were in the past when an 8-foot ceiling was a standard height. Having all the information will help installers guide designers on how much material will be needed and how to lay it out in the room.

  • Bolt size, width, and length?
  • Is there a repeating pattern?
  • How much material should be ordered?
  • What is the plan for the design layout in the room?


Product Material
A sample of the wallcovering is not only great for the design process, but it's also imperative for the installer to have. That natural wallcovering that the client adores? It’s gorgeous but may not be suited for the room. Outside corners, soffits and other architectural details can be a deciding factor in choosing the perfect material. Provide samples to installers so they can feel how the material moves and feels, which will let them judge if it’s right for the room’s architecture.


  • What is the architecture in the room? Note all corners, soffits and other architectural details.
  • Get a sample for your installer.


The Wall Type
A new construction wall isn’t the same surface as an older home’s plaster walls in the world of wallcovering. Knowing the walls’ makeup, if they’ve been repaired, or even need a liner in order to take wallcovering, are crucial for the end result of a flawless wall.


  • What kind of wall material is there?
  • Have there been any repairs to the walls?
  • Does this wall need a liner?

With these best practices and insider tips about how to hang wallcovering and exactly what to do BEFORE you install a wallcovering, you'll be sure everyone involved will have the intel to create a successful, gorgeous result.

Stay In The Know: More helpful how-to installation videos coming soon!
From prepping and priming to how to shade and paste and even what to keep in your tool bag, follow us here on THE HANG® Blog  or our YouTube Channel for all of the videos.

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