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The Hang®: Ready, Set, Hang

With the walls prepped and the material ordered, now what?

The Hang®: Ready, Set, Hang

Hanging Phillip Jeffries wallcovering is an exciting step in transforming your space into something truly remarkable. However, it's important to approach the process with caution and precision to ensure a successful outcome.

Now, let's dive into the actual hanging process. It can be tempting to jump in headfirst and rush through the installation, eager to see the end result. However, seasoned designers and professionals have learned the hard way that this approach often leads to disastrous outcomes. Picture this: the wrong wallcovering completely installed, or worse, in the wrong room! These reputation-ruining mistakes can easily be avoided with a simple strategy. Here's where our "Golden Rule of Three," shared by master installer Dennis Delpome, comes into play.

What Is The Wallcovering "Golden Rule of Three"?
It's the best tip to remember when hanging wallcovering. Rather than racing through the entire application, it's best to start with just three strips of wallcovering and stop. By doing so, you create two seams on the wall, allowing you to step back and evaluate the shading or any errors in the material. 

Watch the The Hang® video now: 3 Strips and Stop

What's Next For Hanging Wallcovering?
Even if the wallcovering looks great, this crucial moment is an opportunity to reassess your progress and make any necessary adjustments before it's too late to turn back. It's always best to communicate with the client, designer, or even the manufacturer if you need to discuss any concerns or even just for guidance. Remember, small steps in the beginning stage limit the chance of making a huge mistake that you'll only notice when it's too late.

So, take a deep breath and embrace the process. Hanging your wallcovering for the first time can be an immensely rewarding experience if approached with patience and attention to detail. By following these guidelines and staying mindful throughout the installation, you'll be well on your way to transforming your space into a stunning visual masterpiece.

Stay In The Know: More helpful how-to installation videos coming soon!

Join Phillip Jeffries President, Philip Bershad, and master installer, Dennis Delpome, as they outline how to hang wallcovering. From prepping and priming to how to shade and paste and even what to keep in your tool bag, follow us here on THE HANG® Blog or our YouTube Channel for all of the videos.


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