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THE HANG: What's In Your Toolbox?

Learn what tools master installer Dennis Delpome keeps in his bag!

THE HANG: What's In Your Toolbox?

Having the right tools for hanging Phillip Jeffries wallcovering is essential for achieving a flawless install.

The right tools not only make the installation process much easier but also ensures that the wallcovering is securely and evenly applied, without any imperfections or gaps.

Watch Philip Bershad, President of Phillip Jeffries, and Dennis Delpome, a master wallcovering installer, reveal the tools inside every installer's bag. These are the best brushes, blades, and bristles to get the job done!

Bristle Brush
Seam Roller
Broad Knife
Razor Blades
Pencils and Markers
Laser Level

Do You Need Special Tools To Hang Grasscloth Wallcovering?
Natural wallcovering requires special care due to its natural fibers and texture. Tools like a wallpaper brush with natural bristles or a flexible smoothing tool specifically designed for grasscloth can help you maneuver and position the material without causing any damage. For performance vinyl wallcovering, a stiffer bristle brush is helpful. You'll also need lots of razor blades for precision cutting of both natural and vinyl wallcoverings.



Why You Should Invest in High Quality Wallcovering Installer Tools
One of the main reasons why it is important to invest in high-quality tools is that they provide better control and precision. Wallcovering can be delicate and easily damaged, especially materials like grasscloth. By using top-notch tools, such as a sharp utility knife, a reliable measuring tape, and a sturdy adhesive brush, you can work with greater accuracy and avoid any accidental tears or creases.

The Right Tools Save Time
Another advantage of having great tools is that they can save you time and effort. Dennis uses a laser level because it's is a reliable and easy to use tool. It's especially helpful when he's hanging wallcovering on a ceiling. 

Some tools Dennis prefers to use in specific application. For wood veneer wallcovering, Dennis often uses a plastic smoother tool to allow for extra room as he's trimming an edge. On some walls, a wallpaper roller helps to eliminate air bubbles and smooth out any wrinkles, ensuring a seamless finish in less time, but it's not great for a natural wallcovering.

If you want to achieve professional-looking results and make your wallcovering project a breeze, be sure to equip yourself with great tools.


Stay In The Know: More helpful how-to installation videos coming soon!
Join Phillip Jeffries President, Philip Bershad, and master installer, Dennis Delpome, as they outline how to hang wallcovering. From prepping and priming to how to shade and paste and even what to keep in your tool bag, follow us here on THE HANG® Blog or our YouTube Channel for all of the videos.

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