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Arbor Day: Our 2024 Tree Planting Plans

In celebration of today's holiday, we're thrilled to announce a new milestone and our new reforestation location!

Arbor Day: Our 2024 Tree Planting Plans

At Phillip Jeffries, we are working toward a goal of planting 1 million trees in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

PJ Tree Planting Update
We are happy to report that o
ur tree planting efforts continue to take root! Throughout the year we plant a tree for every order, but it feels especially poignant on Arbor Day to celebrate our efforts and share our gratitude. This month we're thrilled to share that we surpasses a new milestone and have planted more than 370,000 trees! Thank you for helping us reach this milestone.

The changes we make today transform the way we live tomorrow. This is why we continue to innovate, invest, and volunteer with the goal of leaving this world even more beautiful than before. Want to know w
here we are planting in 2024?

We're heading to the west coast of the United States! Hello Oregon! Known for its dense forests and gorgeous waters (like the popular Columbia River Gorge shown above), we chose this location below in Southern Oregon after learning about some of the wild fires that devastated the area. 


Where: Klamath Falls Basin in Southern Oregon
Area: 58 acres 
Pledge: 14,887 trees planted
Purpose: Creating a habitat for the nesting bald eagles. The fire destroyed much of the state's top nesting areas for bald eagles.The forest is privately owned and receives no federal disaster assistance; outside funding is crucial.

Why? The Bootleg Fire broke out in Southern Oregon on July 6th, 2021. Before being fully contained on August 15th, it burned 413,765 acres of forest, making it is the third-largest fire in the history of Oregon. The fire was devastating for the trees and wildlife of Klamath Falls Basin. The basin is a hub for biodiversity, serving as one of the state’s top nesting areas for bald eagles. Widescale reforestation plans are already in motion.

Along with providing a home for birds, big game, and small mammals, this project supported one of the largest fish restoration projects in U.S. history. Four dams on the Klamath River are set to be removed in the coming years, opening up 420 miles of habitat for salmon and the endangered sucker fish. Trees planted in the basin will greatly improve the river’s water quality and help these species thrive well into the future.

Below shows the destruction after the fire was contained.bootlegfirebefore
As we speak, trees are being planted! We are planting
Ponderosa Pine, Wester Larch, Lodgepole Pine, and Douglas Fir throughout the forest as shown above in partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation.

For your home and the environment
During April we celebrate Earth Month, but our commitment to reducing our environmental impact is also year-round. At Phillip Jeffries, our goal is to inspire a more beautiful world though great design, sustainable practices, and community service. To us, beauty is more than wall deep.

Thank you for helping us make this goal a reality. We are thrilled to announce that we have planted more than 370,000 trees!



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