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Earth Month Kicks Off With A PJ Plant Swap

Bring a plant, take a plant - make the world a little bit greener.

Earth Month Kicks Off With A PJ Plant Swap

At Phillip Jeffries, we take pride in making this world a more beautiful place. It's woven into everything we do from using sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices to sponsoring a tree planting program or simply inspiring our employees to make this world a little bit greener. We strive to celebrate Earth Day every day!

This year, as a special event to kick off "Earth Month," our in-house PJ Eco Team hosted a plant swap as a way for employees to gather, share tips and plants, and get to know each other. The PJ Plant Swap was focused on bringing interior plant enthusiasts together. Plus, it’s sustainable and it makes expanding your plant collection that much easier.

The Plant Swap
"It was our first ever plant swap!" said Jacqueline White, a product analyst and one of the organizers. "We did it because it felt like a fun intro-to-Spring activity to: bring people together, highlight the excitement and joy of growing plants, and bring a little more nature inside!"

"Also everyone loves a good Secret Santa," added Morgan Braucher, PJ's Product Development project manager and Eco Team Leader. "Why not put a plant spin on it PJ eco-style?"


Green Thumbs
"I thought it would be fun to stir up some excitement around the office now that we are kicking off our eco activities in April," said Morgan. "Everyone shared their love of plants with other plant lovers and, of course, got a new plant out of the deal!"

"I thought it went really well," said Jacqueline. "And everyone is really excited about the plants they were given!"

Thank you to all who participated! Happy growing!

Click here to learn more about PJ's eco initiatives.


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