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Phillip Jeffries' 2022 Tree Planting Pledge + The Arbor Day

Learn how a simple hashtag can plant a tree this week and where PJ is planting this year.

Phillip Jeffries' 2022 Tree Planting Pledge + The Arbor Day

Every year, in partnership, with the Arbor Day Foundation, Phillip Jeffries plants trees to revitalize forests, support biodiversity, and control erosion.  

In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of National Arbor Day (the tree planter's holiday!), we're sharing our planting program details and goals. These efforts play a critical role in sustaining communities both environmentally and economically.

If I Hashtag A Post On Social Media Will The ADF Plant A Tree?
Yes! It really is that simple. Join us as we support the Arbor Day Foundation's 2022 Hashtag Campaign during the week of April 24-29. The ADF will plant a tree for each Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook user who posts using #ArborDay (up to 75,000 trees). Keep an eye on Phillip Jeffries' social channels for content that you are welcome to share out to engage your networks in this tree planting effort!

Where Is PJ Planting Trees This Year?

Michigan State Forests 
Trees Planted 22,133

s year Phillip Jeffries is partnering with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and The Arbor Day Foundation to replant Michigan’s state lands on a large scale.

Why: Because these forests were heavily logged in the late 1800s, and statewide conservation efforts have been focused on bringing public lands back to their natural state.

Which Trees: We are replanting native stands of Jack pine and Red pine, with a small percentage of White Spruce and Eastern White pine also incorporated. In total, nearly 6 million trees are being planted through this partnership.

Ecosystem Benefits: And as the forests mature, they will provide a wide variety of ecosystem services including carbon sequestration and water filtration. This means that the air and water will be naturally cleaner as a result of the trees.

Wildlife Benefits: But most importantly, these trees mean forests across Michigan will see improved habitat for a wide variety of wildlife including deer, turkey, grouse, and — most notably — the Kirtland’s warbler. These birds have only recently been taken off the endangered species list, thanks to concerted tree planting efforts like this one. They nest in young jack pine forest stands and rely on them for survival. This work means Kirtland’s warblers, and other species, will continue to thrive. Learn more here.

We Are Committed
To help minimize our impact on the planet, we are using rapidly renewable materials, certified wood, and recycled content. It’s woven into everything we do. At Phillip Jeffries, we are working toward a goal of planting 1 million trees. It’s our promise to you, and to the planet, that our environment is a priority. In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, every order plants a tree. This month, we are really excited to be celebrating more than 250,000 trees planted!

Join Us
As we continue to fight for the rainforests, the wildlife, and our planet. Your continued support has funded impactful programs from restoring wildlife in Madagascar to rainforest reforestation in the Philippines.

With every order, we plant a tree. Together, we can revitalize our planet. And that’s a promise we are committed to keeping.


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