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Inspiration Behind Phillip Jeffries Fall 2022 Collection

Glorious mountain ranges and rich landscapes inspire 14 new wallcovering collections and more than 135 new items.

Inspiration Behind Phillip Jeffries Fall 2022 Collection

Join us on this adventure as Philip Bershad, President, and Tara Van Lunen, Design Director, share their inspiration for Phillip Jeffries FALL 2022 - CASCADES.

With it's global debut on September 7th, 2022, Cascades includes 14 new collections and 135 new items inspired by nature and full of texture.

"This season, we were inspired by nature, fresh air, and glorious mountaintops,” says Philip. “Over the summer, Jeffrey and I went on an epic vacation to the Italian Alps! We hiked and explored some of the most beautiful places in nature that I’ve ever seen. It was thrilling (and at times - scary!). And when we reached that mountain top, that apex, we were humbled."

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The design team at Phillip Jeffries constantly draws inspiration from nature so this season is all about heading to the mountaintops. It's high style at high altitude!

"We wanted to bring that feeling of being immersed in nature's splendor to the interiors. To really amplify that feeling of wonder, comfort, and relaxation," says Philip.


Whenever I need to get my creativity flowing,” says Tara Van Lunen, Design Director at Phillip Jeffries. “I turn to nature to feel grounded and relaxed, but also energized and inspired. Whether you’re hiking or watching a sunset, it starts by simply being in nature and breathing in the fresh mountain air.”


"These past few years, I’ve looked to nature to connect more with the world and feel something bigger," says Tara. "Something breathtaking and spectacular. It’s about being mindful and present in nature. When you are walking under a thick canopy of leaves and find yourself completely immersed -- you cannot help but soak up the scenery and feel a sense of calmness."

Glorious mountain ranges and rich landscapes inspire interiors that are beautiful and friendly to the environment. We’re inspired by authentic wood tones and natural textured surfaces that create peaceful and flowing movements.

Transcend creates a sense of wonder and discovery with a soaring canopy of leafy branches. Below, we share how Transcend comes to life from inspiration to your walls. 



The mountains and trees provide endless inspiration which is at the core of why Phillip Jeffries has a tree planting program to help preserve and improve national forests, wildlife habitats, and rainforests globally. 

"This is so important to us at PJ, that we started an initiative a few years back to protect and embrace the environment, it’s called PJ Plants, says Tara. "For every order, we plant a tree! It’s our 1 for 1 program that we are very proud of. "


Join us on this path as we look forward to inspiring a more beautiful world, one wall at a time. Discover the beautiful wood tones, smooth and textured surfaces, and flowing movement of our new collection.




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