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Our New January Collection Transforms Your Walls into Works of Art

Wallcovering that gives new meaning to the trend, Quiet Luxury.

Our New January Collection Transforms Your Walls into Works of Art

Introducing the inspiration behind our January 2024 wallcovering collection, MINIMALISM! 

We are building upon the concept of Quiet Luxury because it transcends mere design. It encompasses simplicity, stunning textures, and the beauty of authentic materials. If you've watched HBO's popular series, Succession, you know the allure of understated elegance and the authentic, high-quality materials. In the show, the cast donned exquisite cashmere sweaters and resided in breathtaking locations, yet the decor remained understated and utterly luxurious. We are inspired by the design trend, but also giving it new meaning. 

Our color palette has undergone a delightful transformation. Our dedicated design team has diligently kept ahead of trends and responded to the ever-evolving fashion landscape. As a result, we are introducing new hues such as terracottas and soft greens. We have also reimagined our neutrals, infusing them with warmth and creating a selection of mesmerizing shades.

Our aim is to meticulously curate items and collections that truly inspire our clients. These are the wallcoverings we are deeply passionate about and we know you will be, too.


Introducing January 2024!
Beauty can be found in the simplest forms. Thoughtful brushstrokes, contour shapes, and natural elements transform your walls into works of art. Drawing inspiration from a curated palette of earth tones and a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication, a space is renewed. Discover Minimalism.

Inspired minimalistic free-flowing metallic lines, reminiscent of topographical linework, we share the first collection, Lustrous Lines & Lustrous Cloth. You will see this “linework” in a few of our collections this season. It captures a combination of moodiness and glamour while maintaining a minimalistic look.

Textile Wallcovering: Lustrous Lines & Lustrous Cloth
This collection is versatile and suitable for various spaces, from cozy living rooms to elegant bedrooms, and it could even elevate the ambiance of high-end commercial spaces, such as upscale restaurants.
What's Special About Lustrous Lines? It's our first textile using a laser cut technique. We start with a  gorgeous silk-like textile and then using a new technology, like Star Wars, we apply a laser beam which burns away the design. The laser creates the line work effect which is so cool bc you can literally feel the texture, not just a print. The companion collection, Lustrous Cloth is the same material without the metallic lines. Both embody shimmering luxury. 


3D Foam: Tufted Tiles & Perfectly Plush
We have not 1 but 2 new innovative 3D acoustical collections!
The ULTIMATE IN QUIET LUXURY! We are excited to share our first FOAM collections, Tufted Tiles and Perfectly Plush. With suede and velvet-like textures, these collections create the look of modern, 3-D tiles. They are meticulously crafted utilizing a heat press technique that melts and bonds the foam together. Because of the construction, they also have a sound dampening effect (professionally tested with a .3 NRC rating). 


Textile Wallcovering: Boucle Strings
This collection is inspired by fashion-forward textiles that add a layer of gorgeous texture to elevate a minimalist space. T
he vertical movement this collection has is cozy and sophisticated. Boucle Strings is machine made, but it also has a hand-crafted element. Artisans hand thread 494 vertical warps before expert lamination at our own mill in Japan, just outside of Kyoto. We’ve been working with them for more than 45 years. This collection is that it’s extremely versatile, not just for minimal settings – you could use this in Transitional, Traditional, or even coastal settings. Boucle textiles are so popular right now in interiors on furniture and accessories and now we are offering an option for the walls. 


Type II Performance Vinyl: Vinyl Renaissance

Durability is just as important as gorgeous design – this is just as true for hospitality, hotels, and ballrooms, as it is for basements, mudrooms and ALL the hardworking rooms in your home. This next one, Vinyl Renaissance, is i
nspired by a tea stain silk, a technique made famous in the renaissance period for making silk look antique or patina’d. 


Japanese Paper Weave: Serene Weave
Our amazing Japanese paper weaves are crafted with paper yarns that are yarn-dyed before weaving.
This next collection, Serene Weave, is a hybrid of paper and linen which is something new to the market. This multi-tonal paper weave has a subtle linen yarn in the warp that gives it a tailored style. It’s crafted from paper and linen yarns that both yarn dyed which create amazing dimension in the weave structure.


Luxe Natural: Enchanting Planks
This next Luxe Natural collection uses authentic
banana leaves, in a modern mosaic pattern. To craft Enchanting Planks, artisans handcrafted the geometric pattern using authentic banana leaves that are hand placed into this design and then washed in color. Creating a gorgeous artisanal effect. 


Type II Performance Vinyl: Vinyl Snakeskin
As a follow up to our incredibly popular animal skins collection including Vinyl Crocodile Rock, this new collection has a small-scale embossed design. We updated Vinyl Snakeskin and are including s
ome of the new colors which have a two-tone effect to create a python look. This vinyl will look chic in any space, including high-traffic areas – powder rooms, hallways, entryways. 

There is so much more to discover - 17 NEW COLLECTIONS and more than 147 items. Shop and sample the new collections on our website now. 


About Phillip Jeffries:

Now in its fourth decade, Phillip Jeffries has emerged as the industry leader in natural, textured and specialty wallcoverings. A manufacturer and importer of unique and fine quality textured wallcoverings, the company was founded in 1976 with just 10 grasscloths. From the humble beginnings of the family garage, Phillip Jeffries now stocks more than 1,000 ready-to-ship wallcoverings in their 60,000+ square foot headquarters. Working hand-in-hand with skilled artisans, Phillip Jeffries creates the design world's most beautiful and sought-after wallcoverings. For more information,