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Sustainability And Eco Style with Designer Laura Hodges

The Sustainable Furnishings Council Ambassador shares her green tips and tricks using wallcovering

Sustainability And Eco Style with Designer Laura Hodges

As environmental impact becomes an increasingly important consideration when imagining a space, designers are taking note. 

Sustainable style is not only stunning, but innovative. Phillip Jeffries sits down with designer Laura Hodges to get the scoop on green design.

Q: How do you plan to further your efforts in the green design community?
I think it’s important to always be furthering our education and knowledge in sustainability and wellness so we continue to research, attend events and share our experience with other designers and our clients. As a Brand Ambassador for the Sustainable Furnishings Council I am able to increase awareness for sustainable design practices and share my passion for sustainability and wellness. 


Q. Are clients requesting more sustainable design practices in their projects?

Yes! We have definitely seen an increase in awareness and interest in sustainability. It used to be more focused on commercial projects or, for residential design, mostly limited to children’s rooms, but now we’re seeing more interest in both sustainability and wellness throughout the home. 





How can interior designers start to incorporate green and sustainable practices into their business? 
I think it starts with just being aware and conscientious about the choices we make as designers. We can research whether the materials we’re using were sourced responsibly and the working conditions of the factories are safe and supportive of their staff. We can also try to incorporate vintage pieces and locally sourced furnishings to limit new manufacturing and transportation. 


7226_Fade_Laura Hodges

Q. How has sustainable style and materials evolved and changed over the years? 
I would say that the number one change is in the sophistication of the design and style. It used to be that sustainable design basically translated to a few limited materials like bamboo, cork and recycled content, but now it can be relatively indistinguishable from more standard design options. 



Q. Which Phillip Jeffries collections are your go-to to support sustainable design?
We love all of the paper-based materials, including grasscloths and raffias. 

Q. How did you discover our sustainable products? 
I have always loved Phillip Jeffries since I went to design school and interned with companies that worked with the PJ collections. Once I started my own firm, I was happy to find that not only does Phillip Jeffries carry a wide array of sustainable materials, but they also plant a tree for every order. 

What elements of PJ's sustainability stand out to you?
I love that Phillip Jeffries doesn’t just stop at the environment. Sustainable design practices should include fair wages, good working conditions and efforts to help small businesses. PJ does their part to support their local community and small mills through meaningful partnerships. 


What inspired you to pursue a LEED and GREEN Accredited Professional?

I have always had a love for the environment and feel a responsibility to limit my impact, especially when it comes to home renovations and interior design. 


Laura Hodges, Owner and Principal Interior Designer at Laura Hodges Studio, @laurahodgesstudio, and the brick-and-mortar store DOMAIN by Laura Hodges Studio


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