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The Inspiration Behind The Fall 2023 Collection

A collection that will inspire and delight!

The Inspiration Behind The Fall 2023 Collection


For some, fall means pumpkin spiced lattes, warm wool sweaters, and enjoying the changing leaves. At Phillip Jeffries, fall means new collections and this season we launching new wallcoverings that bring nature indoors with lots of rich colors, textures, and cozy layers. 

Introducing Fall 2023
A modern take on a centuries-old celebration of day and night, the solstice is the warm glow after a long night. From rich textures and floral landscapes to luxe metallics and artisanal naturals,
this collection will inspire and delight.This is Solstice. 


Let's explore the inspiration behind the Fall 2023 Collection from Phillip Jeffries! First up is a brand new category that is textural and artisanal.

21 New Collections | 147 New Skus | Endless Inspiration


Classic & Cumulus Capiz
lluminate your space with the soft, warm glow of authentic capiz. Hand placed into a layered pattern, these artisanal tiles have an eye-catching luster and natural texture that is simply stunning.

A treasure from the sea, each capiz shell is carefully prepared and hand laid in scalloped rows to create square tiles. The layered motif on square tiles is offered in three stunning colorways. For added drama and dimension, artisans hand paint billowing clouds creating a striking, artisanal statement wall. Shop Capiz here.


This next collection takes you on a stroll in the park. 

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 5.09.07 PM

FA23_E01_EternalSpringEternal Spring
Painterly birds and butterflies dance between modern silhouettes of camellia and magnolia trees in this elegant scenic mural. This design was a collaboration between our in-house designers and an artist who specializes in this classical genre of hand painted and embroidered chinoiserie.  The result is a classic-meets-modern large-scale mural with incredible color, dimension, and texture for your walls. Available in eight new colors!


Welcome to luxury at your fingertips!
Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 5.15.14 PM

Velvet Cocoon 
Usher in a new era of sumptuous comfort with lustrous velvet offered in rich, saturated tones and striking neutrals. Experience luxury at your fingertips with five new colorways that expand the popular collection to in stock sixteen items. 


Another new textile wallcovering that is Inspired by season colors.

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 5.18.17 PM

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 5.22.17 PM
Seasonal Silk 
With a hue for every season, this natural silk and linen blend adds an effortlessly chic twist to this luxurious style. This soft, textural collection is in stock and available in nine new color ways with anti-fray and stain repellent finishes for added durability and ease of installation. 


Another textile wallcovering, this one is inspired by hazy horizons in nature. 

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 5.23.53 PM

Soft Stria
Inspired by endless horizons, this luxuriously soft textile is crafted from paper and cotton threads that are woven into a subtle linear pattern with incredible depth and dimension. Offered in eleven new (& in stock!) colorways including both cool and warm tones.


Next up we pull inspiration from natural textures seen in the sky! 
Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 5.26.06 PM

A modern interpretation of a hatchwork pattern. Artisans use a multi-step process of painting and layering plaster with textured and smooth overlapping strokes to create this edgy motif. Nine new colors from dramatic to neutral tones create chic interiors with incredible texture. 



Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 5.27.07 PM
Patina Metals
Handcrafted by artisans, the rich, reflective surface of metallic leaf is artistically distressed to create a unique texture with timeless elegance and enduring beauty. Offered in four gilded colorways that are in stock and ready to ship. 




About Phillip Jeffries:

Now in its fourth decade, Phillip Jeffries has emerged as the industry leader in natural, textured and specialty wallcoverings. A manufacturer and importer of unique and fine quality textured wallcoverings, the company was founded in 1976 with just 10 grasscloths. From the humble beginnings of the family garage, Phillip Jeffries now stocks more than 1,000 ready-to-ship wallcoverings in their 60,000+ square foot headquarters. Working hand-in-hand with skilled artisans, Phillip Jeffries creates the design world's most beautiful and sought-after wallcoverings. For more information,