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Birthstone Brilliance: Chic Wallcovering for Every Month

Discover Phillip Jeffries luxury wallcovering collections tailored to your favorite month.

Birthstone Brilliance: Chic Wallcovering for Every Month

Discover the timeless allure of birthstone-inspired colorful wallcovering in luxury interiors and hospitality settings.


When the beauty of gemstones meets the artistry of interior design, unique interiors are created. Our chic selection of colorful wallcovering captures the essence of each birthstone from the regal opulence of January's garnet to the serene tranquility of June's pearl. Each month is celebrated with a specific gemstone, known for its captivating color and symbolic significance.

Explore our month-by-month list below and find your personalized wallcovering match! 

Garnet, a deep and regal red, is the birthstone for January. Reflecting the warmth and richness of this gemstone, January's wallcovering pick, Haiku in Red Rejuvination, which exudes opulence and sophistication in any space. Above wrapping the stairwell walls, our authentic artwork of blossoms and twisting branches becomes a large, immersive mural wallcovering.

When shopping for garnet-inspired wallcovering, look for deep crimson velvets or textured silk wallcovering that evokes a sense of royal luxury. Pair with ornate gold accents and dark wood furnishings to create a lavish ambiance fit for a king or queen.


Amethyst, a luxurious purple hue, is the birthstone for February. Inspired by the elegance and tranquility of this gem, February's wallcovering pick, Bloom in Fuchsia, in embodies a sense of refined beauty. The bedroom above designed by Dorothy Willetts, features a stunning headboard wall covered in the purple watercolor-inspired blooms interpreted from original artwork. (photo by Sam Frost)

When shopping for amethyst-inspired wallcovering, imagine walls adorned with soft lavender damask patterns or shimmering metallic accents, lending an air of serenity and sophistication to any space. Complement with plush velvet furnishings and delicate crystal chandeliers for a truly indulgent atmosphere.



Aquamarine, a serene shade of blue-green, is the birthstone for March. Capturing the calm and clarity of the ocean, March's wallcovering pick, Harbor Hemp in Blue Anchorage, exudes tranquility and elegance. Crafted from handwoven grasscloth wallcovering, this chevron mosaic pattern is artistically handcrafted by skilled artisans. The distinctive dimensional design is handplaced on metallic grounds.

When shopping for Aquamarine-inspired wallcovering, picture walls adorned with subtle aquamarine stripes or delicate watercolor motifs, creating a soothing backdrop reminiscent of sun-drenched shores. Enhance the coastal charm with crisp white linens and natural textures for a timeless and sophisticated look.



Diamond, the epitome of purity and brilliance, is the birthstone for April. Reflecting the clarity and luminosity of this precious gem, April's wallcovering picks include Quartz and Reflections which exudes modern elegance and sophistication. The brilliance of light reflecting off shimmering authentic materials creates a stunning effect on your walls. Artisans hand place authentic mica crystal shavings in free form or beneath a scrim for a luminescent effect in a range of chic and subtle colorways. Embrace the sparkle.

When shopping for diamond-inspired wallcovering, imagine walls wrapped with shimmering silver metallics or sleek geometric patterns, creating a sense of timeless luxury. Pair with modern furnishings and sparkling crystal accents for a glamorous and contemporary ambiance that dazzles at every turn.



Emerald, a rich and vibrant green, is the birthstone for May. Inspired by the lush beauty of this gemstone, May's wallcovering pick is Harmony Hyacinth in Emerald Unity that is inspired by the vibrant jewel tone. As featured in the den designed by French and French, the trim is painted a saturated green to create a seamless look. This luxe geometric wallcovering is artistically handcrafted by skilled artisans who create distinctive dimensional designs. The finest water hyacinth is meticulously layered for a luxurious, sustainable style. (photo by Aaron Dougherty)

When shopping for emerald-inspired wallcovering, imagine walls adorned with sumptuous emerald green velvet or intricate botanical prints, evoking the grandeur of a verdant paradise. Enhance the regal allure with touches of gold accents and luxurious textiles for a space that exudes sophistication and style.


Pearl, a luminous and iridescent hue, is the birthstone for June. Capturing the ethereal beauty of this gem, June's wallcovering pick, Cumulus Capiz in Sparks Fly Handpainted, exudes elegance and refinement.

When shopping for pearl-inspired wallcovering, look for shimmering pearlized finishes or delicate mother-of-pearl motifs that create a sense of timeless serenity. Pair with soft pastel hues and luxurious textures like silk, boucle and wood tones for a space that radiates luxury and chic charm.


Ruby, a deep and passionate red, is the birthstone for July. Reflecting the fiery allure of this gemstone, July's wallcovering pick is Perfect Peonies in Red Charm exudes drama and romance.

When shopping for ruby-inspired wallcovering, try bold ruby red silk or lacquered looks. Fanciful floral patterns also creates a sense of opulent luxury. Enhance the romantic ambiance with plush velvet furnishings and gilded accents for a space that exudes old-world glamour and intrigue.

Peridot, a fresh and vibrant green, is the birthstone for August. Inspired by the lively energy of this gem, August's wallcovering pick is Manila Hemp in Kelly Green embodies sophistication and vitality.  The guest bedroom above designed by Jen Samson features beautifully paneled grasscloth wallcovering in a saturated green hue with four poster beds and gold metallic accents. (photo by Chad Mellon)

When shopping for peridot-inspired wallcoverings, look for crisp green botanical prints or modern abstract patterns that inspire a sense of rejuvenating beauty. Pair with clean-lined furnishings and natural accents for a space that feels both stylish and fresh.


Sapphire, a deep and majestic blue, is the birthstone for September. Capturing the timeless allure of this gemstone, September's wallcovering pick is Rivets in Gold on Navy Manila Hemp. This award-winning collection is inspired by an upholstered wall. The large intersecting block pattern features precise raised-rivet designs in unique color combinations and patterns. The dining room above is designed by Rachel Schwartz Design and with Rivets above the chair rail and a preppy argyle below.  (photo by Linda McManus Images)

When shopping for sapphire-inspired wallcovering, look for rich blue silk or intricate arabesque patterns, creating a sense of regal luxury. Enhance the opulent ambiance with touches of metallic accents and tailored furnishings for a space that radiates refinement and timelessness.


Opal, a mesmerizing play of iridescent colors, is the birthstone for October. Reflecting the mystical beauty of this gem, October's wallcovering pick is Clouds in Stork White as shown in this bedroom designed by Cindy Sontag, (photo by Beckley Photography). It's a delightful room full of enchantment and allure.

When shopping for opal-inspired wallcovering, look for that shimmering opalescent finish as well as whimsical floral motifs. Creating a sense of magical charm, pair this wallcovering with soft pastel hues and ethereal textures for a space that feels like stepping into a fairy tale.


Topaz, a warm and golden hue, is the birthstone for November. Inspired by the radiant glow of this gemstone, November's wallcovering pick is Fluent in Citrine on White Russian Suede Lounge for the ultimate in warmth and sophistication. The dimensional ribbons are enhanced and interpreted from an original piece of artwork.

When shopping for topaz-inspired wallcovering, look for pops of orange colors or luxurious topaz-toned silk or intricate metallic patterns for a sense of inviting opulence. Enhance the cozy ambiance with plush furnishings and rich wood accents for a space that exudes timeless elegance and charm.


Turquoise, a vibrant and enchanting blue-green, is the birthstone for December. Capturing the serene beauty of this gem, December's wallcovering pick is Bermuda Hemp in Turquoise. This colorful grasscloth wallcovering is handcrafted by artisans using only the finest sustainable materials and are expertly laminated for ease of installation.

When shopping for turquoise-inspired wallcovering, we have a range of colorways from soft pastel blues to bold turquoise hues. Looking for an intricate mosaic patterns? Try one of our Luxe Naturals to create a sense of exotic luxury. Pair with accents of brass and natural materials for a space that feels both elegant and inviting, evoking the spirit of faraway lands and distant shores.





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