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Paradise Found: A Designer’s Dream Penthouse In The Philippines

Sisters Cynthia and Ivy Almario use Phillip Jeffries wallcovering to create a glamorous condo.

Paradise Found: A Designer’s Dream Penthouse In The Philippines

If your client gave you carte blanche on the design and decoration of a penthouse, what would you do?

Sisters Cynthia and Ivy Almario, of the Manila-based interior design firm Atelier Almario, were given the amazing opportunity to let their creative imaginations run wild and design a luxury penthouse for one special client.  Their task was to create a stunning backdrop for their client’s stellar art collection and create a place to entertain and host meetings when in the city.

Located in Manila, the capital of The Philippines, this modern condo soars more than 60 floors up in a luxury skyscraper. Once inside, it opens into a grand two-story space. The sisters knew exactly what kind of mood they wanted to create for this luxury condo, that they describe as "it has a sexiness - it’s enclosed but not dark.”

When a designer is given full creative control, amazing things can happen! Tune in as the dynamic duo discusses their project: a two-story luxury penthouse filled with Phillip Jeffries wallcovering. 



Living Quarters
The designers added a bookcase that extended from ceiling of the second floor down to the bottom floor. The client’s prestigious artwork and art installations are displayed around the house. Phillip Jeffries Tinseltown wallcovering is used throughout the main floor and the “den slash family room slash meeting room.” The glamorous wallcovering adds another layer of subtle texture to sleek dark furniture and the client’s prized art collection.

“I was very sensitive in choosing the right wallcovering because it had to highlight the artwork,” said Cynthia. “It had to be neutral enough but a little shiny with texture to give it interest.”


Sleeping Quarters
On the second floor of the condo and the 64th floor of the building, the master bedroom opens to dramatics views of the city and the lush surrounding forests. Accenting the natural light perfectly, is Phillip Jeffries Vinyl Great Wall wallcovering. Cynthia talks about starting with the wallcovering. "When I found this wallcovering, I had an idea to make it the headboard screen,” said Cynthia.

The second bedroom is on the smaller side, but the Almario sisters have transformed it into a statement piece. Behind the bed, Cynthia chose to feature Phillip Jeffries Flight mural as an accent wall. The design must be close to Cynthia’s heart as she soon flashes her matching gold crane necklace.

“I treated this room like my own bedroom,” she said. “I wanted this to feel like a cocooning space and I found this Phillip Jeffries wallcovering that is spectacular with silver leaf and the colors just resonated with me…The color scheme just gelled so this was a very easy room to conceptualize.”

More About The Philippine-Based Firm, Atelier Almario
Before their design firm, they both worked as interior designers in Los Angeles for over 15 years and now they make a lively team.

“I really appreciate that I can bounce my ideas off of you,” says Cynthia before Ivy interjects, “And have someone you can be painfully honest with. Someone who can validate your hunches. It’s priceless.”

The sisters split the work, with Ivy focusing on the architecture and Cynthia on the décor. “Interior design is glam, but it has its share of dirty work,” said Ivy Almario. “My dirty work is the job site. Cynthia’s dirty work is the factory.”

Watch Atelier Almario’s Cynthia and Ivy talk about their design process for the penthouse and other amazing properties around Manila on their YouTube channel.


First Floor and Family Room: Tinseltown
Hollywood's golden age is encapsulated in the glitzy glam of this shimmering specialty wallcovering with horizontal bands of silver for a three-dimensional effect.


Tinseltown with eight color options that is shimmering bands of silver to add texture and dimension to a neutral wallcovering.


Master Bedroom: Vinyl Great Wall
The grids of weathered walls stand the test of time in vinyl. This wallcovering merges luxe design with the durability and technology offered by today's performance wallcoverings.


Vinyl Great Wall comes in nine different color options. Blending durability with great design, this vinyl wallcovering can weather any storm and is easier to clean than traditional wallcoverings. 


Second Bedroom: Flight
Majestic embroidered cranes soar from clouds to the walls in this specialty wallcovering that is digitally printed on textured grounds.


Flight is a mural digitally printed onto beautifully textured wallcovering with gorgeous, embroidered cranes swopping between moody clouds. Pick from sixteen different design options including wallcoverings featuring the cloud design or both the crane and cloud designs. 


View More Videos
Learn more about this dynamic duo and view more videos of their work on the Atelier Almario YouTube Channel here


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