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Chic, Sophisticated Nursery By Brass Hill Design Using Wallcoverings

A chat with Mariel Goodson who designed this nursery

Chic, Sophisticated Nursery By Brass Hill Design Using Wallcoverings
Full of flight and fancy!

This nursery is the perfect space for a child's blossoming creativity and features Phillip Jeffries Flight wallcovering. Majestic embroidered cranes soar from clouds to the walls leaving an unmistakable impression in a prewar townhouse in Hamilton Heights, NY.

We sat down with Mariel Goodson, co-founder and principle of Brass Hill Design, who designed this nursery to learn about the inspiration, process, and her tips for creating sophisticated nurseries.


Tell us more about this nursery project. What was the inspiration?
This client is a young couple who invested in a fabulous prewar townhome up in Hamilton Heights, NY, and we had previously designed all of the other main living spaces of the home. Their goal was to do it once and do it right. This client is open to color and texture and pattern and the rest of their home features a really classic but eclectic mix of pieces. It’s a formal home without being fussy. It’s probably one of our most favorite projects to date! They really trust us and trust the design process, so even if they have moments of uncertainty when pouring over our proposal, they are up for the risk because they know those risks are what makes a room truly special. For example, papering their daughter's nursery in life-sized emerald birds! 

How would you describe the room's aesthetic? 
It’s serene and sophisticated, but playful. I love that this room features such a funky mix of influences and details, but at its core it's classic, traditional. The home has beautiful millwork throughout and in the nursery we left it untouched, choosing to showcase the wood tone on the doors and trim instead of painting it out. I have no problem painting trim, but in this case, leaving it as-is boosted the overall effect of the paper.

"It was also important to the client that the room could accommodate their baby girl now, but could grow with her and their family."

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When did you chose the FLIGHT wallcovering?

There was no other option for this space. Before we even knew our client was pregnant—or frankly, even planning to have children—we had tucked this sample into their file as soon as it arrived in the mail. 

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Have you worked with Phillip Jeffries wallcoverings before? 
We work frequently with PJ wallcoverings, though this is the first time we’ve used the company’s digital panels. The process was pretty seamless and we loved the quick four-week turnaround from order to receipt of material. We find with paneled paper in general, there isn’t a material deduction for windows / doors because everything needs to integrate and line up seamlessly, so it’s typically best to order for the room as if it’s all wall. Or at least that’s what our installer recommends!


Were there any design challenges? 
Honestly, no. This is one of those projects where there’s really good flow and a lot of trust. Those are the best projects. When a proposal is edited to death, it loses its essence. We spend an intense amount of time scrutinizing every single select and each select represents dozens of others that didn’t make the cut. So what is being presented is ultimately the scheme we feel the most passionate about, the most sure of. I often compare the process to knitting a sweater—it’s about the sum of every stitch—not the individual stitch itself. Once you start pulling out a thread, the whole thing unravels. I think it’s so natural to look at each piece in isolation and to ask yourself, “Is this my most favorite item ever?” But that misses the point. It’s about how all of those selections—all of those threads—weave and work together.


What is your favorite element in the nursery? 

The wallpaper. Far and away. It’s the most critical element to the room. It’s an absolute showstopper and my only regret is that I can’t use it again! “Flight” is so transformative and dramatic—the graceful cranes, the deep emerald clouds, the pops of pink on the crests of the birds. I just love everything about it. As it turns out, I have a mild fascination with birds—they’re such incredible, mystical creatures—and I find myself drawn to their imagery both in art and accessories. I think wallcoverings in general create such a beautiful backdrop for a room, they envelop and elevate the space in a way that cannot be replicated. See more Flight installations here. 

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About Phillip Jeffries:

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