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7 Ways To infuse Moody Traditional Style

A resurgence of Old World charm meets modern maximalist design, and we love it.

7 Ways To infuse Moody Traditional Style

Drawing inspiration from European design styles of centuries past, Phillip Jeffries wallcovering can infuse elegance into moody traditional interiors with a nod to art and history.

Moody hues are popping up in interiors from design bloggers to top interior firms, and we're loving the look. Cue the Maximalist designers in us all! Moody Maximalism is a combination of 2 styles - the moody aesthetic, which features dark colors, dim lighting, and dreary muted colors, and Maximalism, a more-is-more approach to design. 

For an elegant look that's warm and inviting, British Designer Sean Symington wraps the walls of his living room with a gorgeous grasscloth wallcovering, Juicy Jute, in Tantalizing Teal. The fresh teal hue gives the room a fresh twist on traditional style. (Top photo by Chris Wakefield)

Here are a few of our favorite looks that combine centuries-old textures and patterns with modern-day delights.

Entryway design by Liz Carroll Interiors, photo by Alison Potter

1. Floral Renaissance: Garden Chinoiserie
In the 18th Century, chinoiserie was a popular European design influence by classicism and baroque design. Today, we're seeing a resurgence of the traditional motif that infuses Old-World charm. With climbing beaches, delightful birds, and lush botanicals, this moody den below (photo by Karen Palmer) also has a playful twist. St. Louis-based designers at Marcia Moore Design wrapped the walls of this office with Phillip Jeffries Shangri-La collection, an exotic garden-inspired mural that plays off the warm wood tones. The modern, streamlined chairs and tall bookshelves create an ambiance that's both romantic and modern.

2. Roman Revelry: Textile Wallcovering and Tea Stained Silk Looks
Our textile wallcoverings are meticulously woven and offer a textural layer to infuse a room with Old World charm. Newly introduced, our Heritage Threads, above, is a soft, woven wallcovering with dimensional color, a subtle horizontal pattern, and is treated with anti-fray and stain repellent finishes. This unique product panels beautifully and gives the look of liven-in luxury.

In the Renaissance period, tea staining silk was a technique renowned for its ability to impart an antique or patina'd look to the fabric. This age-old practice has served as the foundation for our innovative approach to design. We have carefully replicated the unique and fluid pattern of tea stains, ensuring that each piece exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance to create a captivating water mark effect in the collection, Vinyl Renaissance. This effect adds depth and character to any space, immersing it in a poetic narrative that captures the essence of art and history. The silk-like sheen of our materials adds a touch of luxury and refinement, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of the room.


3. Regal Romance: Majestic Murals
Picturesque murals, also known as frescoes, were popular during the Renaissance time. They were often painted directly onto wet plaster allowing the paints to soak into the walls as they dried. Below, Interior designer Jay Jeffers create this custom landscape mural for a boutique hotel project in California. Phillip Jeffries offers a wide range of digital murals that can be customized with our Custom Made Easy Program.

Above, the private dining room tells a story with a custom mural by Phillip Jeffries depicting The Madrona’s history, including its winery (taken out by a 1906 earthquake), orange grove, and namesake madrone tree.  (photos by Matthew Millman)

Shop more digital murals inspired by picturesque vistas here.

4. Venetian Vogue: Italian Stone Looks
For a touch of rustic elegance, a stone-look wall will add texture, depth, and natural beauty to a space. In our Specialty category, explore our Venetian Plaster collection inspired by ancient stone looks. This unique yet minimalistic collection is handcrafted by artisans with a multi-step process of layered plaster and burnishing that creates a classically elegant and subtle texture. The look of stone walls can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in homes, restaurants, and commercial spaces. Easily create a charming space with these Venetian Plaster wallcoverings.

bathroom design by Far Studio, photo by Brian Wetzel

5. Genoese Grandeur: Rosy Panels
While evoking a sense of warmth and sophistication, rich tones like deep, muted shades of rose help create a moody traditional vibe. In this room designed by British design firm, Samantha Todhunter Designs, the walls are wrapped in the grasscloth wallcovering collection, Extra Fine Arrowroot 1964. One of Samantha’s first decisions was to hang a Phillip Jeffries red grasscloth paper in the drawing room, which provides a vivid background for a collection of portraits. Strong and lustrous, our Extra Fine Arrowroot wallcovering is handcrafted by artisans using only the finest natural materials and are expertly laminated for ease of installation. The natural fibers of arrowroot adds texture and depth to the walls for a backdrop that enhances a chic Renaissance ambiance.

Layering all the textures throughout the room including velvet tufted ottomans, a geometric wool rug, and silk curtains will give that polished and opulent look popular in Old World homes. 

See the full house tour on House & Garden here.

6. Baroque Chic: Paisley & Floral Patterns
Intricate and graceful, the paisley's trademark tear drop pattern is celebrated for its intricate and graceful design. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the motif has historical significance and symbolizes prosperity, fertility and the journey of life. For an Old World style in a fresh pattern, discover our Batik Chic collection. The large-scale paisley pattern is hand printed on a beautiful, textured paper weave. This collection can be fully customized with more colors and grounds through our PJ Mash Up custom program.

Bedroom photo by Holger Obenau

7. Neopolitan Nobility: Crewelwork-Inspired Florals
With a rich history dating back centuries, crewelwork inspired floral motifs pay homage to this traditional hand embroidery that required incredible skill and precision. Adding a touch of heritage to modern interiors, Dodson Interiors in Houston, Texas, designed the dining room below to have a regal flair by wrapping the walls in an antique-inspired floral. Embodying the fanciful floral motifs found in crewelwork, Phillip Jeffries Bohemia collection has the look of textured embroidery in a artisanal hand printed design. Enjoy this pattern on a selection of natural and textile wallcoverings.

Dining room photo by Julie Soefer.

For a timeless and traditional interior, begin by crafting a room's narrative with rich colors like burgundy, gold, deep greens, and royal blues. Consider covering the walls in a texture that inspires Old World style. With our wide range of collections, Phillip Jeffries has a wallcovering for every space. The possibilities are truly endless!



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