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Summer Stripes: Elevate Your Space

Savor the season of classic coastal looks!

Summer Stripes: Elevate Your Space

Paws everything! Designer Jennifer Ferrandi of NoMad Design wrapped the walls in Phillip Jeffries Studs & Stripes

How many stripes can you layer in one room? The possibilities are endless. We'd even venture to say, there's never too many stripes in a space. It's the perfect pattern that effortlessly blends versatility with sophistication. Whether adorning the walls of a chic metropolitan loft or the cozy corners of a countryside retreat, Phillip Jeffries stripe wallcovering epitomizes luxury and refinement in its purest form. This is the season for stripes, stripes, stripes!

Here are 6 great reasons to put a stripe on it!


Create A Symphony of Style
Stripes, in their symmetrical precision, have long been revered for their ability to redefine spaces with grace and flair. When rendered in wallcovering, these lines transcend mere decoration, becoming a narrative thread that weaves through the entire ambiance of a room. Vertical stripes, for instance, impart a sense of height and grandeur, making them ideal for spaces craving a touch of verticality and elegance. Conversely, Laura Hodges Studio uses horizontal stripes imbue this room with a soothing rhythm, effortlessly expanding its dimensions and lending a contemporary allure.


Selecting the Perfect Stripe: From Classic to Contemporary
Choosing the right stripe pattern is akin to selecting a masterpiece for your walls. Classic monochromatic stripes in shades of ivory, charcoal, or navy evoke a sense of understated sophistication, while metallic accents add a touch of modern glamour. For those daring to make a statement, wide stripes in bold, contrasting hues command attention, infusing the room with a vibrant energy that is undeniably captivating. Designer Laura Marino of Studio L, London wraps the walls of this sitting room in Borderline for an immersive stripe style.


Creating Visual Harmony: Pairing Stripes with Furnishings
The beauty of stripe wallcovering lies in its ability to harmonize with a myriad of interior styles and furnishings. Pairing a subtle stripe with minimalist furniture and sleek metallic accents creates an atmosphere of contemporary elegance. On the other hand, juxtaposing a bold stripe with vintage-inspired pieces and lush textiles imbues the space with an eclectic charm that is both inviting and enchanting. The key lies in striking a balance between the wallcovering's pattern and the room's existing elements, creating a cohesive ensemble that is as visually striking as it is harmonious.


Transformational Applications Beyond Walls
Beyond its traditional application on walls, stripe wallcovering presents a myriad of creative possibilities. Adorning a ceiling with subtle stripes can impart a sense of height and openness, transforming even the most compact of spaces into a lofty sanctuary. Additionally, incorporating stripe wallcovering into alcoves, niches, or even stair risers can infuse unexpected pockets of luxury into a home, showcasing the versatility and creativity that defines modern interior design. Designer Greg Natale Design pairs a custom Studs & Stripes Rivets with a vertical striped runner on the stairs for a coastal chic look in Australia. (photography by Anson Smart)


Installing The Perfect Stripe Wallcovering
To ensure the enduring allure of stripe wallpaper, meticulous care must be taken in its selection and installation. Opting for high-quality materials ensures both durability and longevity, preserving its aesthetic appeal for years to come. Additionally, consulting with a professional installer ensures flawless application, allowing the wallpaper's innate beauty to shine.


A Classic Choice: Stripes Are Timeless
A hallmark of luxury and refinement within interior design. stripe wallcovering has the ability to create visual harmony and a timeless elegance that endures through the ages. By embracing the allure of stripes, you invite a symphony of sophistication into your home—a testament to the enduring power of design to elevate and inspire.


Let stripe wallcovering be your canvas and your space will shine with timeless sophistication.

About Phillip Jeffries:

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